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What We Offer


We have a comfortable and cozy main studio to record and overdub.  We have a larger tracking room for full band and an isolation room we call the bunker where you can turn up instruments as loud as needed to attain the desired tones.  We specialize in recording live instruments and vocals.  I write my own music so am always looking for singers/lyricists to put their words to my music.


This is a a semi-private studio that caters to the discerning musician who needs a comfortable environment in order to create their magic.  We can help with recording,  arrangement,  pre-production, mixing and mastering.  Our goal is to have you walk away with a memorable experience and have a well recorded and properly mixed song ready for distribution.  

Recording -      $50/hr with a 2 hour minimum
                          $350.00/day  (8 hour day)   50% deposit required. 

Mixing -             $40/hour

I am always looking for someone with that special something and if the magic happens fees are totally negotiable.  I also write a lot of music and am on the lookout for singers/lyricists who would like to put their word to my music.


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